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Encharted Fairystory

The fairytale story of the Enchanted manor

Once upon a time there was a Grand historic Victorian manor house which was owned by a a very rich man called Kirkpatrick who commissioned the house to be built in 1838 for his beloved daughter Beatrice who lived there very happily for many years.

She was visited frequently by Royalty and nobility. The beautiful house passed down each generation and one day in the early 1900’s a mysterious unknown man knocked at the door and asked if he could set up some strange looking equipment on the nearby farmland which was part of the Estate . He stayed in one of the cottages near St Catherine;s lighthouse and the first the first radio broadcast in the UK was sent from there by this unknown man who turned out to be the famous inventor Marconi.

In 1963 the last of the Family died and The Windcliffe Manor as it was then called turned into a thriving an popular hotel, then disaster struck and the wrong people took over and it started to deteriorate and it was unloved for many years .

One day Ric and Maggie happened to stumble across this once beautiful property that was now nearly a ruin and fell in love with it and their fantastic venture begun

Maggie had always dreamed since a young girl of living in a special place and even though it was dilapidated and in much need of love and care as soon as they walk through the door they felt they just had to be there . They wandered around the stunning surroundings amongst the red squirrels , badgers and birds and wildlife and down to the end of the property which overlooked the stunning ST Catherine’s bay with the famous lighthouse and wonderful countryside with cows and sheep wandering around in harmony and they felt totally at peace .

They decided to give up everything they had and spent the next year transforming the old ruin into a very special and unique multi award wining 5 gold star property which became a haven for couples seeking a fairytale romance from all over the world.

They worked so hard for many years every day cooking , cleaning and looking after their special visitors , but they loved making their guests dreams come true.

One day they decided to build their own fairytale cottage, which took over 8 years of ongoing problems , but they never gave up and eventually there fantasy home was created .

Unfortunately things did not go to plan and the big bad wolves came along and wanted them to destroy their fairytale cottage if they sold the Enchanted manor to like minded people that had the passion to carry on their legacy

They were so distraught did not know what to do as they were getting older and could not do the physical work that was needed to continue with the hotel and could not let their beautiful home be destroyed

After a lot of soul searching they decided to re invent the EM into a special Fairytale wedding venue and another dream was created .

Everyone was so excited and now many people have joined Ric and Maggie to help them create the most unique venue to make more dreams to come true

And everyone lived happily ever after